Icom IC 7410

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Icom IC-7410 HF + 50MHz radioamaterska radijska postaja bazna


Designed as an HF/50MHz specialized rig with excellent performanceand features in this category.

The appearance and operability of the IC-746PRO/7400 has been mostly been retained to maintain the familiarity in usability from old to new.
The IC-7410 employs high grade DSP unit and double conversion super-heterodyne system developed from the latest technology used in our higher grade rigs such IC-7800/7700/7600 series. In addition, the IC-7410 comes with a built-in 15kHz 1st IF filter and can accept up to two optional filters (3kHz/6kHz). When used with these 1st IF filters, narrow mode signals such as the CW and SSB modes are protected from adjacent strong signals
Major selling points:

  • +30dBm 3rd order intercept point (in 14MHz band)
  • Double conversion superheterodyne system improves inband IMD characteristics
  • 32-bit floating point DSP unit
  • Built-in 15kHz first IF filter and optional 3kHz and 6kHz first IF filters
  • Large monochrome LCD display
  • ± 0.5ppm frequency stability
  • Built-in simple band scope
  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner
  • All mode (SSB/CW/RTTY/AM/FM)
  • Optional RS-BA1 for IP remote control

Faster DSP unit and in-house DSP expertise
The IC-7410 employs a much higher speed DSP unit compared to the IC-746PRO/7400’s DSP unit. The AD/DA converter AK4620B allows for a high dynamic range and superior S/N ratio. The Icom in-house DSP expertise is the result of more than ten years accumulated technical know-hows.
We know how to bring out the best performance of the DSP and various digital functions.


DSP unit ADSP-21369
Internal clock speed: 333MHz
32-bit floating point DSP
Max. performance: 2000MFLOPS

AD/DA converter AK4620B
ADC Signal/(Noise+Distortion): 100dB
ADC Dynamic range, S/N: 113dB
DAC Signal/(Noise+Distortion): 97dB
DAC Dynamic range, S/N: 115dB


Double-conversion superheterodyne dramatically improves inband IMD

  The IC-7410 employs a double conversion superheterodyne system which has an image rejection mixer for the 2nd mixer stage.
When compared to a typical triple-conversion system, the double-conversion system dramatically reduces signal distortion and provides a high-fidelity RF signal to the DSP processor

+30dBm third-order intercept point (IP3) in 14MHz
Icom’s analog RF circuit experience over a number of years combined with the latest DSP software technology results in +30dBm IP3 equivalent to the IC-7600. Even in tough RF conditions, such as interference by broadcast stations or strong neighbouring ham stations, a weak signal can be clearly received by the IC-7410.

Three first IF filters (3/6/15kHz)
The IC-7410 comes with a built-in 15kHz 1st IF filter and can accept up to two optional filters (3kHz FL-431 and 6kHz FL-430). By changing the first IF filter width according to the operating mode, the desired signal is protected from the influence of nearby strong stations. The 3kHz first IF filter is especially effective in the CW and SSB modes. (Fixed for 15kHz in
FM mode.)

High frequency stability
A high stability TCXO crystal oscillator provides ±0.5ppm of high frequency stability over a wide temperature range (0°C to +50°C). This allows for a long stable operating time in modes such as RTTY.

Large, Multi-function LCD
The display increases in width from the IC-746PRO/7400. The large multifunction
LCD shows frequency, 9-character channel name, channel number, multi functional meter (includes S-meter, RF output, SWR and ALC level). The dot-matrix portion of the LCD shows the following items:

  • Channel name
  • Function key assignment
  • Band scope
  • RTTY decoder screen
  • Memory keyer contents
  • Graphical SWR scale

Simple band scope
The built-in simple band scope shows the band condition at a glance and is handy for searching for active stations.

RTTY demodulator and decoder
The built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder allow you to instantly read an RTTY message on the display. No external units or PC required. The built-in tuning indicator visually helps in critical tuning.

Ample CW functions
All of the following CW capabilities are included in the IC-7410:

  • Large CW PITCH knob and independent BK-IN (break-in) delay knob improve operating efficiency
  • CW wave form controlled by the DSP
  • 4 keyer channels with 70 characters of transmit memory per channel
  • Multi-function electronic keyer with adjustable keying speed from 6–48 wpm, dot-dash ratio from 1:1:2.8 to 1:1:4.5 and paddle polarity
  • Bug keyer and full break-in function
  • Continuously adjustable CW pitch control from 300–900Hz
  • Double key jacks (Front and rear panels)
  • CW reverse

Built-in antenna tuner
The internal antenna tuner covers from 1.9MHz to 50MHz and automatically tunes for low SWR. Variable capacitors provide higher accuracy than a typical mechanical relay tuner.
Once you transmit on a frequency, the tuner can instantly retune the frequency using its built-in memory.

USB connector for PC control
The IC-7410 has a standard type B USB connector and can be connected to a PC.
Modulation input, audio output, RTTY demodulator output and CI-V command can be controlled via the USB cable. Also, the conventional CI-V remote control jack is built in to
the IC-7410.

Large heat sink
When compared to the IC-746PRO/7400, the IC-7410’s large heat sink improves heat dissipation. Even during long hours of heavy-duty cycle operation, the IC-7410 provides stable output power.

Optional RS-BA1 IP remote control software
The optional RS-BA1 allows you to use the IC-7410 from another room using your home network or even from a remote location over the Internet. Most settings such as filter width, AGC constant, etc, can be controlled from your PC.

Other outstanding features:

  • Built-in voice synthesizer announces operating frequency, mode and S-meter level
  • User programmable band edge beep (Can be disabled)
  • VSC (Voice Squelch Control) function
  • RF speech compressor
  • Microphone equalizer and adjustable transmit bandwidth
  • Two preamplifier types:
    - Preamp 1: Increases low level signal improving intermodulation characteristics,
    - Preamp 2: High gain preamplifier
  • 20dB built-in attenuator
  • Audio equalizer function
  • CTCSS and DTCS tone encoder and decoder
  • Triple band stacking register
  • Quick split function and frequency lock function
  • RIT and ∆Tx variable up to ±9.999kHz
  • SSB/CW synchronous tuning automatically shifts the carrier point when switching between CW and LSB/USB modes
  • 1Hz pitch tuning and display
  • Program scan, memory scan, select memory scan, mode select scan and ∆f scan
  • Automatic tuning steps
  • AH-4 control circuit
  • Large independent MIC/RF power and Notch knobs

Furnished with: handheld microphone HM-36, carrying handle MB-123 and user´s guide




Frequency coverage:


30 kHz ~-60 MHz
(Some frequency bands are not guaranteed)


1.830 ~ 1.850 MHz
3.500 ~ 3.800 MHz
7.000 ~ 7.200 MHz
10.100 ~ 10.150 MHz
14.000 ~ 14.350 MHz
18.068 ~ 18.168 MHz
21.000 ~ 21.450 MHz
24.890 ~ 24.990 MHz
28.000 ~ 29.700 MHz
50.000 ~ 51.000 MHz



No. of memory channels:

101 (99 regular Ch, 2 scan edges)

Power supply:

13.8 V DC ±15%

Antenna connectors:

2 x SO-239

Operating temp. range:

0°C to +50°C; +32°F to +122°F

Current drain:
(at 13.8 V DC)




Max. audio



23A max

Frequency stability:

< ±0.5 ppm (0°C to +50°C)


315 (W) x 116 (H) x 343 (D) mm


10.2 kg


Modulation system:


Digital PSN modulation


Digital low power modulation


Digital phase modulation

Output power:


2 ~ 100W


2 ~ 75W

Spurious emissions:

< -50 dB (1.8 ~ 30 MHz)
< -63 dB (above 50 MHz)

Carrier suppression:

> 40 dB

Unwanted sideband suppression:

> 55 dB

Microphone connector:

600Ω 8-pin connector


Intermediate frequencies:

64.455 MHz, 36 kHz

* Preamp 1 ON
** Preamp 2 ON

(10dB s/n)

1.8~29.9 MHz 0.16µV typ. *

50 MHz 0.13µV typ. **

(10dB s/n)

0.5~1.799 MHz 12.6µV typ.*

1.8~29.9 MHz 2µV typ.*

50 MHz 1.6µV typ. **

(12dB SINAD)

28.0~29.7 MHz 0.5µV typ. *

50 MHz 0.32µV typ. **

Squelch sensitivity:
(preamp. ON)


< 5.6 µV


< 0.3µV



>2.4 kHz (-6 dB)
<3.4 kHz (-40 dB)


>500 Hz (-6 dB)
<700 Hz (-40 dB)

(BW= 350Hz)

>500 Hz (-6 dB)
<800 Hz (-40 dB)


>6.0 kHz (-6 dB)
<10 kHz (-40 dB)


>12 kHz (-6 dB)
<22 kHz (-40 dB)

Spurious and image rejection:

> 70 dB (HF/50 MHz)

Audio output power:
(at 13.8 V DC)

>2.0W at 10% d.a.t. with an 88Ω load

External SP connector:

8Ω / 2-conductor Ø3,5 mm

RIT variable range:

±9.999 kHz

PHONES connector:

8Ω /3-conductor Ø6,3 mm


Matching range:

HF Bands: 16.7~150Ω unbalanced
(ROS: < 1:3)

50 MHz band: 20~125Ω unbalanced
(ROS: < 1:2.5)

Minimum operating power:

HF Bands: 8W

50 MHz band: 15W

Tuning quality:

VSWR: < 1:1.5

Insertion loss:

1.8 MHz: <1.2dB

Other band: <1.0dB
(Matched at 100W output)